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24th Sep COabadger8mybaby is attending the event SWAT VS MDG
24th Sep COabadger8mybaby
lets get this website on track
24th Sep COabadger8mybaby
hey how about updating the season leaderboards eh...consistently ! so it reflects by monday morning after all matches an accurate team presence and standings. right now its ridiculous , no wonder we have irritated members. if youre gonna post a leaderboard , keep it updated.
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11th Sep COabadger8mybaby is attending the event MDG vs CT - 12v12 CQ
11th Sep MDGTh3 R4ggedy M4n befriended COabadger8mybaby
18th Aug COabadger8mybaby
Good morning HardcoreLeague!
well its here and everyone is definitely pumped up for the big tourney this weekend.
dont forget that it all starts tonight at 7pm cst with a meet the shoutcasters type thing im sure all you BF1 geeks are in the know already but im here to tell ya, this weekend makes all the hard work
that everyone has put off.
with EVILdaCAT now producing weekly content
all yur great gameplay is sure to hit the youtube and the various circles of awesomidity that yall run in

the BF1 movie is so close to completion that i too have started doing little team promos and sideprojects in between sequence renders.i know its taking a while but the bf4 video took three months ..sorry but the irl job keeps me hopping so i have limited free time to devote 100% focus for hours at a time . however..there is a forecasted completion date for 1 sep and its not yur yur typical montage or
same ol same ol video.
thats all for now
hope everyone is as pumped as we are f
13th Aug COabadger8mybaby playing Battlefield 1
Good morning Hardcore League! wow! if you missed the great event on last nights broadcast on our Twitch channel shoutcasted by Mason, well ya just plain missed out. SWAT/405 vs D12/Pt on core AND hardcore..yeah you heard me. BOTH . one of the best matches ive seen thus far from a content creators viewpoint ofcourse. dynamic team movement , squad cohesion, and aerial ballets that rivaled cirque de soleil, well done fellas and fellettes . these teams decided to put this together on the side and it definitely DEFINITELY is worth checking our channel out and scrub thru that archived broadcast. now squad up you filthy animals and kick some ass!
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31st Jul COabadger8mybaby befriended MDGAjaxisMDG

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