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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in joining MDG, what do I do?
We welcome all who are interested in join our community, but what you need to think about is HOW do you want to be a part of our community? We have a social division for those who just want to hang out with friendly faces, take part in community events and belong to a family. We also have a Battle division for competitive players; this is run on a try-out basis. Once you’ve identified which division you want to be a part of, go to our “Recruitment” page and fill out an application, which will ask you to identify your membership type (division). From there jump in our discord! Recruits are not eligible for MDG membership without a website and discord registration.
I’m interested in joining, but I want to be a live streamer, content creator, or part of the Media staff, is that possible?
We are always looking for people to help behind the scenes and would be more than happy to have you on-board. Jump in our discord and add MAC is MDG#4846 AND badgerismdg#3425 and we will discuss how you can be apart of Modern Day Gaming.
Does MDG compete?
Yes, MDG has a Battle division made up of (currently) two competitive teams. Paladin Platoon is our BF1 competitive team and participates in Large Scale Combat clan matches. Apostle Platoon is our Rainbow Six Siege competitive team, who participates in the Global Team Ladder (3v3-6v6) on Gamerbattes in the MLG (Major League Gaming).
My clan is interested in a Match against MDG, what do I do?
Please fill out a match request form to officially challenge us, we’ll review the information and get back to you in order to discus and finalize the details. Alternatively, you could join our discord and propose/discuss match details with our COO (MAC is MDG).
Will your competitive teams be expanding to other games?
Yes, eventually we will expand into other games.
I see you don’t have a competitive team in game X, can I start one?
Jump into our discord and message MAC is MDG#4846 AND badgerismdg#3425 into a DM, and we’ll chat it out.
What leagues are MDG apart of?
We participate in Hardcore League and Gamerbattles (MLG).
My community is hosting an event and we would like MDG to participate, who can I contact?
Please contact MAC is MDG. She will discuss your event with the leadership team.
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How does your organization run its chain of command?
We have a CO (Badger is MDG) who leads all of Modern Day Gaming, a CoS (MAC is MDG) who co-leads all of MDG, and officer(s) Belly is MDG who keeps all our competitive teams in line, and also runs our recruitment. See Community Structure for an in-depth look at our CoC.
What do the username colours on the website represent?
Green are community leaders, dark orange are community officers, Squad leaders are red with a SL tag, Team Leaders are red with an SL tag and Platoon Members are the colour of their Platoons. Paladin is represented by Red, Apostle is represented by Blue, Canis is represented Yellow, Kopas is represented by orange.

Is there an age restriction to joining MDG?
Our competitive team are 18+ (unless exception is made), however there is no minimum age for our social side
Do you have Social Media?

Yes, we have a Twitter, twitch and a youtube. And for the xbox live members, a xbl club “Modern Day Gaming” open to all. We also have a discord, with a public channel, match request channel, and dispute channel.

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