Corairs is MDG

William T Ragland (Corairs IS MDG)

William T Ragland, 46, died Thursday, July 10, 2014 at Oxford Health and Rehab in Oxford, MS. A graveside service will be held Sunday July 13, 2014 at 2:00 P.M.
Born in Pontotoc, Mississippi to William Knox and the late Mary Davis Ragland, Mr. Ragland was a gun and car enthusiast. we all know William as Corairs IS MDG he loved to play COD Ghosts and brag about how good he was at knifing and shooting people. he also used to love to play Minecraft with everyone and was always getting killed by creepers!!. CREEEPPUUHHH.
As much as Corairs used to ball bust and mess around with people we all loved him even at the worst of times when loved turned to hate!! he will always have a special place in MDG's Heart and will remain in memory of everyone who he touched within the time he was in MDG and on XBOX LIVE, Me and Corairs always would argue and try to kill each other and constantly go at one another we didn't hate each other... well not properly anyways we was the bane of each others existence and we lived to ball bust each other. I even made this rap song just to annoy him!! if you click on the link you can listen to it. everyone who knew Corairs and what he was like in Minecraft parties will get a kick out of this and I hope he does too from up in the sky!!

All there is left to say is R.I.P Corairs IS MDG you left your mark on this clan and everyone in it, you will sorely be missed by everyone and especially those creepers! have fun wherever you are buddy. we will miss ya!
anyone who would like to leave a tribute to Corairs or just write something about him please leave comments bellow. R.I.P

The BOD sadly informs you that Corairs passed away on July 10, 2014. As he was a 'fixture' in our community, I'm sure we all have memories as to how he affected the quality of our parties and lobbies!

Until further notice, ALL CLAN TAGS will be switched to WTR, regardless of rank, game or lobby. We will pay respects to our friend. This is for CORAIRS' real name, William T Ragland.

The following is a link to his obituary. We encourage you to send your condolences to the funeral home so that they may pass them on them on to his family during this sorrowful time.

I, myself, sent a card directly from that site and filled it with fond memories of the things Corairs liked to talk about and how rascally he was in poking fun sometimes when he was bored.

You are also encouraged to stop by his page here on the website and wish him a fond farewell. If you can't find it, There is a link to CORAIRS IS MDG posted on Badger's own wall.

You may send a friend request to MDG ATLAS SQD, which will serve as a memorial for Corairs, who has been placed as gen permanently. Corairs had his moments, but there's not ONE of us that ever hung out with him who can't say he didn't put a smile on our faces at one point or another. Even DeathClutch has 'VIVA LA REVOLUTION' posted on his own wall!

One thing is for sure: Through Xbox live, he has touched the lives of people around the world. Let's let his family know! Cards and flowers should be sent to the funeral home as his family wishes to preserve their privacy:

It's true that Corairs could be a scoundrel at times. It's true that it was frustrating to play with him here and there. But what can ALSO be said, with clarity, is that Corairs was DEDICATED to MDG. No matter what arguments or laughs occurred, he never gave up on us, just as we never gave up on him. That's the TRUE meaning of family.

He never failed to ask for a game invite. He was always asking people if they wanted to play Ghosts. He was always jumping into my son's minecraft world, either to get blown up or to help build.

The thing is, that Corairs felt like he belonged in MDG. No matter what all was said or done, he never failed to pull a chair up to the MDG table and give things another go. At the heart of it, THAT'S why we were bothered when he didn't turn on his XBOX on July 11th. THAT'S why we immediately noticed his absence, and THAT'S why he will forever remain CORAIRS IS MDG.

Corairs..I never met you but I have heard you being such a intelligent and a very nice and happy person in my life ever bud! I never met you but you will be missed by our community very much and this is a very touching story to hear about this..I will never forget about this because you were a big part of our community. I used to go into parties and I would hear about how good of a person you were and you will be missed a lot brother. Always in my heart Corairs. You will never be forgotten. I am very sorry and I put all of my prayers and wishes to your family because this is very touching.

VaPr is MDG
Corairs.....I never met you on xbox but I have played a few xbox public matches with you and they were fun I will never forget your callouts and your ways of beating the other teams. Corairs you will be missed by not only your family but also your MDG family we will never forget you buddy, personally we will all meet you in Gods great pallace life after death. For ever and always a member of MDG we will miss you but you will never be forgotten. WE ARE MODERN DAY GAMING UNTIL THE END!!!!!! We will see you in the pallace of God we love you Corairs!!! ~RIP CORAIRS IS MDG~ From VaPr is MDG.

never had the pleasure of meeting you but you were truly cared and loved by the community.

MDG SpottedElk
RIP Corair I met you two times only but your still a cool friend to MDG and I will respect that my heart goes out to your family and friends here in MDG have a safe journey to the spirit world my friend and the rest of you mdg and his family he left us here in this world but keep in mind things change and we will meet him again I want you guys gals as you in sorrow remember this he will always be with us in our hearts and out minds remember his memorys with us in the lobby our good ol visit from him and move on my friends here in mdg move on and remember his memories here in mdg be strong for him and he will be strong for you taking this journey home that's all word I have to say you family members and friends here in mdg I will prey for him with sage so he will make it home safly now I will be a warrior for him to get rid of bad spirits try to hurt him as he taking his journey and I hope you guys and gals is okay be strong for him Anpetu Waste (good day) I will prey for him

MDG Twilight Sparkle ally from the start of ghost to titanfall. always wanting to play and kick ass, loved to be a hard worker. when up late he message if he could join the lobby to chill. left a great mark in titanfall as one of the cpts I can turn to even in ghost you were eagered to learn. Will be glad now to master one of the many weapons as you did from cod. your best gun LMGs. R.I.P. Corairs my friend ...(leaves a Golden LSAT) his one of many weapons.


R.I.P William T Ragland (Corairs IS MDG) Who Passed Away On July 10th 2014. You Will Be Sorely Missed, You Really Was A Great Guy & Had A Big Effect On The Community. You've Left Your Mark Here Forever, Rest In Peace Buddy