Code of Conduct

IAll members must read and agree to the MDG Code Of Conduct before becoming a member of the Modern Day Gaming community. (MDG) Also members must be added to the Squad Tags friends list they are recruited to in MDG to be considered an official member.
II. All Members must be at least 14 years of age to be apart of MDG. Gamers who are younger than the age of 14 can be accepted based on their maturity level.
III. All members of MDG are accountable for their own actions. Meaning your officers will not be held responsible for your wrong doing. If you do break the rules you will be held accountable for your actions alone.
IV. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated in MDG, this includes the Chat Forums, the MDG Website, Practices, or Public Lobbies. Do not let other players, MDG or not, egg you on or pull you into a situation that you know is wrong. If you are in a public lobby and this is happening, it is suggested you leave the lobby or party and remove yourself from the situation. ALSO DO NOT MESS WITH OTHER CLANS IN THIS SAME MANNER.
V. Tea-Bagging is not allowed in Modern Day Gaming as a sign of disrespect. It is allowed as a part of the field orders you receive while playing COD Ghosts as it is a part of the game. Being a part of the game structure and something you do to insult another player are two different things. Its about the intent of the act not just the act alone. Please keep this in mind as this is not an excuse to treat other players in a disrespectful manner.
VI. No Hacking, Cheating, or Game Tampering. Doing any one of these will get your removed from MDG for life. Also make sure to read and understand the X-BOX LIVE disclaimer, and follow all your local state and federal laws. MDG does not condone any of this.  Modern Day Gaming considers the use of modded controllers to be cheating and are not to be used during practices, tournaments, squad battles, or any time we may be in a clan vs clan battle.
VII. MDG is your community as well not just the owner or the division leaders so represent it with pride. Remember that we are a family and that we always have each others backs from PVT to CO. All members should strive to represent MDG in a positive manner at all times. You have MDG in your motto's, bio's, and even in your name so work to represent your community in the best light. Once you have added "is MDG" to the back of your name you can move to the rank sergeant and above. Example ( Conker is MDG )
VIII. MDG has an OPEN DOOR POLICY. We encourage all members to communicate with everyone in the community. Communication between everyone helps to solve and prevent problems as well as  generate new ideas and bring new features to our community such as new practice schedules, new awards, and website features the community will enjoy. It is still recommended that you use the proper chain of command for issues relating to your squad, results will be faster this way.
IX. All Battle members are asked to attend at least 2 practices a week to be considered a member in good standing and active. Officers must attend at least 3 practices a week.  If a member is inactive for 6 days (14 days for those with an MDG name change) or more they may be removed from from the squad tag and may rejoin if they choose. Exceptions are made for personal and family issues, We understand your personal life is important and we just ask you tell your squad leaders you are  having personal problems so we can avoid misunderstandings with your absences from community activities (your personal problems will not be shared with anyone other than the person you tell). We do this so we can maintain an active and well functioning squad, which keeps things fun and interesting for everyone involved.
X. We ask that if you receive a party invite from another member of MDG you accept if you can because they might have something important to talk to you about. If you can't join a party just reply with a short message saying you cant, so that they know you got the invite. Sometimes the info they have for you can be sent in a short message. This also helps to avoid unwanted misunderstandings between people. Remember you may not like the person but we ask you respect the rank they have.
XIAll motto's and friends lists must be open to be in MDG.  If your motto, bio, and friends list are closed, we ask that you open it or you may be removed from the SQD tag. Having your motto, bio, and friends list open are to help identify which squad you are in and your rank in that squad, as well as help promote your community. There are a few cases in which these things can't be set to public view and we will make exceptions on per person basis. The only officer in the community that can have a closed motto, bio, or friends lists will be the owner ( BADGER IS MDG ). This is not a double standard, it is because the community owner has friends who are also the owners of their own community and those people might not wish to share their personal information or their community information.
XII. Harassment, verbal abuse, rude messages, stalking, or screaming into the mic will not be tolerated in MDG.  We expect all members to put their best foot forward at all times and represent themselves and our community in a positive manner.
XIII. Remember MDG is what you make of it and should be a fun and relaxed family environment.  All of the rules and the structure are in place to help make this possible. There are many types of gamers ranging from people who invest several hours into their games to those who are just starting 
out. There are many ways to describe the different types of gamers but needless to say we have them all here in MDG, and we are proud to have each and everyone of you as a member of our wonderful community.

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