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SECTION 1. CLASSES OF MEMBERS: Leaders, Officers, Battle Members and Social Members.
SECTION 2. RANKS: Member, Team Lead, Squad Leader, SIC (Second in Command), Platoon Leader, Executive Officer, Company Leading Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief of Staff, Commanding Officer.
For a further breakdown of ranks and responsibilities:
See Community Structure
SECTION 3. SPECIAL PROMOTIONS: Members may be promoted at anytime, to any rank by a Leader of MDG.
SECTION 4. FRIENDS LIST:  All Officers in Modern Day Gaming must have an open friends list to the community. (The community owner is exempt)
SECTION 5. OFFICIAL MEMBERSHIP: For a member to be considered active and in good standing they must sign up on the website and be registered on Discord. Members not registered on the website and discord will be considered ineligible for competitive matches.
Leaders and Officers
SECTION 1. GENERAL INFORMATION: Leadership is made up of the Commanding Officer and Chief of Staff.
CO: The Commanding Officer is the Owner and primary leader of Modern Day Gaming, their say outweighs all other on matters of disciplinary action, promotions and operation. They are in charge of all things MDG and has oversees the work of the CoS.
CoS: Chief of Staff is in Charge of all officers within MDG, aside from the CO.  CoS makes the day to day decisions for Modern Day Gaming.  The only Person that can out vote the CoS is the CO. In charge of all Personnel, website admin, social media and day to day operations.
Officer Ranks
COO: Runs the Day to Day Operations of Modern Day Gaming. Reports to CoS with any major choices about daily operations that affect the community as a whole. The COO oversees assigned Platoon Leaders.
CMO: Chief Media Officer is in charge of all Media (Website, Facebook,Youtube,Twitter)
CMO reports to the CoS.
SECTION 1. GENERAL INFO: All teams, squads and Platoon’s should practice both as one cohesive group, but also as individual teams. Platoon leaders are responsible for setting practice times for their Platoon, Squad Leaders are responsible for ensuring their squad practice times and Team Leads are responsible for their team practices.
Practice lobbies are to be opened 15 minutes prior to scheduled practice to make sure that the practice goes smoothly. The practice is to have a Host that is in charge of the lobby and must make sure that there is controlled fun, a Co-Host is required and to be determined by the commander of the squad.  All members must attend at least two practices a week to be considered active
SECTION 2. PRACTICE ISSUES/SOLUTIONS:  If there are not enough people in a lobby to hold a good enough practice then you are suggested to merge practices with another squad in your Platoon with low practice attendance.
SECTION 3. SPECIAL PRACTICES: Practices should be focused on strategy for any maps that will be played in any upcoming matches.
SECTION 4. PRACTICE RULES: All members need to remember that practices need to be fun but controlled. There may or may not be any restrictions in practice.  If there are any current restrictions in practice it is up to the CLO to set them. Microphones need to be muted in-between game modes so we can get from game to game as quickly as possible. Only MDG Members are allowed in Practice. Recruits may be invited to practices at the discretion of the Platoon Leader, if deemed they will not disrupt the practice..  Members should be in game chat during practice. Party chat and private chat are discouraged and may cause you to be removed from the practice lobby.
SECTION  5: PRACTICE SCHEDULE: The practice schedule is set by the Platoon Leader. All members of Modern Day Gaming are encouraged to develop new and interesting practice schedules we can use to keep practice fun and interesting.
SECTION 1. ETHICS OF A MEMBER: All members of Modern Day Gaming are held to the highest standards. If any member of MDG does something that is or can be considered unbecoming of a member they may or will be taken up on charges followed in accordance of the Chain of Command.
SECTION 2. MULTI-CLAN MEMBERSHIP: Members of Modern Day Gaming are not permitted to be members of any other xboxone clan or community, and will be removed from roster if found to be a member of multiple. Modern Day Gaming members must represent our in-game tag, if the game is equipt with a feature that allows it free of charge.
SECTION 3. CHAIN OF COMMAND: The Chain of Command is there to keep order, please ensure you are following it.
SECTION 4. DISRESPECT:  No member is to disrespect any other member of Modern Day Gaming, and if caught will held accountable for your action.  If you feel you were disrespected follow the Chain of Command and take the proper steps.
SECTION 5. RACISM: There is a zero tolerance policy on racism in Modern Day Gaming.
SECTION 6. CLAN BUSINESS:  Match strategy and MDG operations should be kept confidential from other clans.
SECTION 8. PENALTIES:  Modern Day Gaming has a Three Strike Policy. Strikes may only be handed out from the CLO and above, and should be brought to the attention of the CoS and CO prior to a strike being awarded. All strikes should be kept track of and Squad Leaders should be informed of strikes awarded to members of their squad.
Members who reach 3 strikes, or whose behaviour warrants removal from Modern Day Gaming prior to 3 strikes, may only be removed after a meeting with all Officers and Leaders, and must be signed off on by the CO and CoS. Removal of a member will be the responsibility of either the Platoon Leader or the CLO, based on who the Leadership Team deems appropriate and may only happen after the meeting and final decision.
SECTION 9. MDG WEBSITE:  All Registered members of Modern Day Gaming have the right to Voice their own opinion, provided it is done appropriately. Furthermore the Leaders of Modern Day Gaming reserve the right to remove, or Strike a Registered member for Bashing, Harassing, or talking badly of Modern Day Gaming in a Public Setting.
Chief Media Officer: The CMO is in charge of the media team. The CMO can at any time do work on, or in, any section of the Media Team. The CMO answers to the CoS.
MEDIA Staff: These members help out in any capacity that the Chief Media Helper may ask, including, but not limited to, running one or multiple facets of MDG social media, graphics, and/or video content creation and distribution.
DEADLINES: The CO and CoS may set deadlines as needed to complete projects for the community.
SECTION 3. DISCLAIMERS: All content that is created by any member of the media team (or other) for the website strictly belongs to Modern Day Gaming, and is not to be removed, regardless of the creators membership status. Anyone who belongs to the Media Team, are required to sign a document acknowledging they have read, and agree to abide by, Modern Day Gaming By-Laws.
All members of Modern Day Gaming agree to have their image/avatar used during ANY production of posted material, whether it is uploaded to the community or any private endeavor.
A member may ask not to be included in any project and their wishes will be granted.
SECTION 1. CODE OF CONDUCT: The Code of Conduct is a separate article from the By-Laws, however, is treated as a part of the By-Laws. The Code of Conduct is to be followed by all members of Modern Day Gaming with no exceptions. Any member failing to follow the Code Of Conduct will be at the disciplinary discretion of the Officers and Leaders.
SECTION 2. GAMERTAG FRIENDS LIST :  When you are recruited into MDG, it is recommended to keep your friends list open for viewing. You may opt for setting it to friends only.
SECTION 1: Only the CO and CoS may make amendments to the By-Laws and Code of Conduct without permissions or authorization of any other member of Modern Day Gaming. Members are permitted to submit a request to the CoS and/or CO to amend the by-laws, and the amendment will be voted on first the the Leaders, and then, if applicable, the officers.
Donations are not expected or mandatory, but they are appreciated. We built this website and host our servers for you, but they aren't free!
SECTION 1. OWNER: The Owner of Modern Day Gaming is BADGER IS MDG,  If the owner was to the leave Community the Chief of staff would take the Ownership Position.
SECTION 2. DISAGREEMENTS: The Chief of staff of Modern Day gaming is in charge of the Officers,  but must still follow the By-Laws.  The Chief of staff may make decisions for the Community, but can be over-ruled by the CO.
SECTION 1. LEADERSHIP: The Chief of Staff is the primary owner of Match Coordination, but may appoint Match Coordination Staff to act on behalf of Modern Day Gaming when booking official league matches.
SECTION 2. GAME PLAY:  Members of Modern Day Gaming May not Challenge Another Gaming Community without the permission of the Leaders. Once a Challenge has been accepted and is taking place, it must be added to the Events calendar on the website.
SECTION 3. RESPECT:  No member of Modern Day Gaming will disrespect another member of another gaming community during said challenge. If a member is caught they will be pulled out of the game and off the team.  

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