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SECTION 1. CLASSES OF MEMBERS: Officers, Admins, Battle Members and Social Members.

SECTION 1A: New board of director members are voted on by the current board members and appointed by Chief of Staff

SECTION 2. RANKS: PVT, PFC, CPL, SGT, SSG, SFC(SL), 2LT(PL),  1LT (Admin), Captain (Company Leader),  RLO, LTG (COO), GEN (CoS), GoA (CO)


See Community Structure

SECTION 3. SPECIAL PROMOTIONS: If a member has previously met the requirements for the next rank above him or her they can be fast tracked with Prez Approval

SECTION 4. FRIENDS LIST:  All Officers in Modern Day Gaming must have an open friends list to the community. (The community owner is exempt) 

SECTION 5: All officers from the rank of captain and below are chosen by the general of the squad.  All positions below the rank of Gen must meet all requirements listed in SECTION 2.

SECTION 6: PROMOTIONS:  All Promotions are done on Wed.

SECTION 7. OFFICIAL MEMBERSHIP: For a member to be considered active and in good standing they must sign up on the website and also be a friend on a squad tag and attend at least 2 Practices a week.   

SECTION 8: Ranks MAJ, COM are chosen by the GEN & XO. The rank of GEN is chosen by the division leaders and members of the board.

SECTION 9: When and if a member is promoted by review board to the rank of General, This member is to be moved from the Current SQD they were in when they were promoted to a new squad.  This new squad is to be determined by Division Senior Staff and above



SECTION 1. GENERAL INFORMATION: The Board of Directors is made of the Owner, Chief of Staff (CoS), CEO, COO, CO, PREZ, CMO, 1 Trustee making the Board a 8 Member Board. 

CoS: Chief of Staff is in Charge of the Board of Directors.  CoS makes the day to day decisions for Modern Day Gaming.  The only Person that can out vote the CoS is the Owner. In charge of all Personnel in Modern Day Gaming, also deals with accepting new applications on the website, Personnel (google doc), tournaments and tags.
The CoS reports to the Owner.

 COO: Runs the Day to Day Operations of Modern Day Gaming, Needs to be on at least 3 days a week. Reports to CoS with any Major Choices about daily operations that affect the community as a whole. The COO oversee's assigned Platoon Leaders.

 CMO: Chief Media Officer is in charge of all Media (Website,Facebook,Youtube,Twitter)
CMO reports to the Chair and Vice Chair only.

 TRUSTEES:  Trustees can be any Member of Modern Day Gaming. To become a Trustee a member must either come to the BOD and Nominate himself or herself and have a second. Then the BOD must vote on this topic and get a majority vote of the BOD.

SECTION 3. REMOVAL OF BOARD MEMBER OTHER THAN CoS: To remove a member of the Board that is not the CoS,  there has to be a vote of the board that requires majority vote of ALL BOARD MEMBERS.  

SECTION 4. BOARD ABILITES: The Board of Directors runs Modern Day Gaming as each Board Members has a specific job in the community all board members still answer to the Cos and Owner



SECTION 1. GENERAL INFO: All practices are to be held at 9PM EST Monday through Friday. Practice lobbies are to be opened 15 minutes prior to scheduled practice to make sure that the practice goes smoothly. The practice is to have a Host that is in charge of the lobby and must make sure that there is controlled fun, a Co-Host is required and to be determined by the commander of the squad.  All members must attend at least two practices a week to be considered active

SECTION 2. PRACTICE ISSUES/SOLUTIONS:  If there are not enough people in a lobby to hold a good enough practice then you are suggested to merge practices with another squad in your division with low practice attendance.

SECTION 3. SPECIAL PRACTICES: A squad and/or a division can hold a practice other then the 9PM EST practice to give members with time constraints a chance to attend practice. The President and Vice President should be notified of extra practice because there might be another event scheduled during that time.

SECTION 4. PRACTICE RULES: All members need to remember that practices need to be fun but controlled. There may or may not be any restrictions in practice.  If there are any current restrictions in practice it is up to the Division Senior staff to set them. Microphones need to be muted in-between game modes so we can get from game to game as quickly as possible. Only MDG Members are allowed in Practice No Guests.  Members should be in game chat during practice. Party chat and private chat are discouraged and may cause you to be removed from the practice lobby.

SECTION  5: PRACTICE SCHEDULE: The practice schedule is set by the division leaders and community managers. All members of Modern Day Gaming are encouraged to develop new and interesting practice schedules we can use to keep practice fun and interesting.



SECTION 1. ETHICS OF A MEMBER: All members of Modern Day Gaming are held to the highest standards. If any member of MDG does something that is or can be considered unbecoming of a member they may or will be taken up on charges followed in accordance of the Chain of Command. 

SECTION 2. POACHING: Poaching is not allowed in Modern Day Gaming

SECTION 3. CHAIN OF COMMAND: Violating the C.o.C. is not to be done, and if caught may be brought up on charges. 

SECTION 4. DISRESPECT:  No member is to disrespect any other member of Modern Day Gaming, and if caught will be brought up on charges.  If you feel you were disrespected follow the Chain of Command and take the proper steps. 

SECTION 5. RACISM: There is a zero tolerance policy on racism in Modern Day Gaming.

SECTION 6. MALINGERING: Malingering is when a Member of Modern Day Gaming stops working and just comes to hang out.  Modern Day Gaming is not a Social Club but a Community where we all work hard to achieve a goal. This is not allowed.

SECTION 7. CLAN BUSINESS:  No member of Modern Day Gaming that is not a part of the BOD is to be talking with another clan about our day to day operation in Modern Day Gaming

SECTION 8. PENALTIES:  Modern Day Gaming has a Three Strike Policy. Only the C.O. is allowed to strike a member in the Division Senior Staff.  The General must bring the Infraction up the Chain of Command and it can be dealt with.  If the Infraction is serious it may be brought to the BOD and they may deal with it.  If a Member has had three strikes it is to be brought to the BOD to be taken care of. Only the Board of Directors may remove a Member from Modern Day Gaming.  

SECTION 9. MDG WEBSITE:  All Registered member's of Modern Day Gamin have the right to Voice their own opinion on your own wall, as there own private page is a product of Enjin. Furthermore the Board of Directors of Modern Day Gaming reserve the right to remove, or Strike a Registered member for Bashing, Harassing, or talking badly of Modern Day Gaming in a Public Setting.



SECTION 1: MEDIA TEAM POSITIONS: CMO, Website GM, Social Media GM, Youtube GM, media helpers


 Chief Media Officer: The CMO is in charge of the media team. The CMO can at any time do work on or in any section of the Media Team. The CMO answers to the chairman of the board of directors.

 SOCIAL MEDIA GM: This member runs the Facebook and Twitter Pages

YOUTUBE GM: This member runs the Youtube page and keeps the youtube page presentable at all times and follows all deadlines required

 MEDIA HELPERS: These members help out in any capacity that the Chief Media Helper may ask

DEADLINES: The Board of Directors may set deadlines as needed to complete projects for the community.

SECTION 3. DISCLAIMERS: All content that is created by any member of the media team for the website strictly belongs to Modern Day Gaming, and is not to be removed just because the person who leaves created it. 
All members of Modern Day Gaming agree to have  their image/avatar  used during ANY production of YOUTUBE posted material, whether it is uploaded as a community or any private endeavor.
A member can ask not to be included in any project and their wishes will be granted. 



SECTION 1. CODE OF CONDUCT: The Code of Conduct is a separate article from the By-Laws but is treated as a part of the By-Laws. The Code of Conduct is to be followed by all members of Modern Day Gaming with no exceptions. Any member failing to follow the Code Of Conduct will be judged by the Board Of Directors

SECTION 2. GAMERTAG FRIENDS LIST :  When you are recruited into MDG, it is recommended to keep your friends list open for viewing. You may opt for setting it to friends only. Once the individual reaches the rank of LT, the friends list is required to be set to everyone.



SECTION 1: A member outside the BOD may call for an amendment of the By-Laws but they need a second, and then the amendment will be reviewed by the BOD directors where it will need a 50% vote To be Brought to the Owner for Final Review

SECTION 2: Board of Directors need one member to make a motion of amendment and a second and that’s all needed for amendment to take place. Then the Ammendment is brought to the Owner and Chief of staff for final review

SECTION 3: AMENDMENTS:  All Amendments Motions are to be Made on Wed at the Board meetings.  The Owner of Modern Day Gaming is the only member that is to update the By-Laws he has set fourth



Donations are not expected or mandatory, but they are appreciated. We built this website and host our servers for you, but they aren't free!



SECTION 1. OWNER: The Owner of Modern Day Gaming is BADGER IS MDG,  If The owner was to the leave Community the Chief of staff would take the Ownership Position. 

SECTION 2. BOARD APPOINTING: Any member of the Board may make a Motion to fill a Position on the Board,  That motion is then Discussed  by the Chief of staff and the Owner till the appointment is filled.  If the Chief of staff and Owner can not agree it goes to a Full Board Vote.  

SECTION 3. DISAGREEMENTS: The Chief of staff of Modern Day gaming is in charge of the BOD,  but must still follow the By-Laws set forth by the Owner of modern day gaming; This meaning the Proper Vote must Be followed on Choices in Modern Day Gaming.  The Chief of staff of Modern Day gaming may make Decisions for the Community, but can be over ruled by the Remaining Board of Directors with a fifty percent Vote. The owner of modern day gaming may override the Chief of staff at any time but must at all times try and stay impartial as much as possible



SECTION 1. LEADERSHIP: The Chairman of the Game is the Overall Control of the Game Battles Team or the League Play team. The Chairman may appoint a member of Modern Day Gaming to Run the the Day to Day Operations of the Teams.

SECTION 2. GAME PLAY:  Members of Modern Day Gaming May not Challenge Another Gaming Community without the permission of the Owner of Modern Day Gaming. Once a Challenge has been accepted and is taking place, a Board of Directors member must be present at this event.

SECTION 3. RESPECT:  No member of Modern Day Gaming will disrespect another member of another gaming community during said challenge. If a member is caught they will be pulled out of the game and off the team.  

SECTION 4. PRACTICES:  All Practices will be held and controlled by whomever is in charge of the Platoon.



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