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MDG Scrim and More!
CoSMissMac is MDG 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 31st Jan 2017

Congrats to Belly is MDG's Paladin Platoon for bringing home a "W" in their friendly scrim against Lost Battalion last Sunday! They won the best-of-3 series by winning the first round 1000 - 698 on Amiens and then winning the second round 1000 - 816 on St. Quentins. The match was live streaming on Twitch account BADGERisMDG and it was awesome to see MDG's successful first steps into the XB1 world!

For those of you interested in competitive gaming, message Belly is MDG for tryouts onto Paladin! OR if you're just interested in MDG toss up an application to one of our two membership types in Recruitment. We're awesome, I promise. 

We are growing a very solid roster in our Battlefield 1 Platoon - Paladin, but that's not all we offer here. From the MDG perspective, we are a MULTI-game community, we support it all folks, whatever your fancy. Our forums are built out to allow massive, awesome social conversation from all walks of the earth, we have a solid admin and officer team who keep our two XBL Clubs running better than any other clubs out there, and we foster an environment that supports the social gamer and the gotta-win attitude of the competitive gamer.'s not all about Battlefield and Call of Duty! Which by the way, we have a rocking Call of Duty Squad (Reyes) in our Apostle Platoon, for those so inclined. 

So how DO we support a multi-game community? Like said, just look at our forums, for one. For two, the social membership into MDG that we offer means no matter what your game, be that ARK, Tom Clancy, or ZOMBIE games, there's a place for you, and you and you.... We built and continue to build a community that gives everyone a place to play their favourite games with other crazy gamers. What's the fun in playing alone? No seriously, i'm asking you....What's the fun in playing if you can't share your insane zombie head slashing, scull crushing clips with people who are actually going to appreciate them? 

Our current members are all working hard to build this community into something that is a force to be reckoned with, and they're doing a hell of a job! But what's a community without community members? So to all MDG, get out there, spread the word! To all non-MDG members, well damn, go post in the forums, go play your Zombie or Minecraft or Fifa games! Bring your friends, or meet new one's here, either way, you're in good company now. 


31st Jan 2017 COabadger8mybaby
now THAT is anews post!! see whats next, lots of stuff in the pipeline. great post MAC

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