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CoSMac is MDG
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CoSMac is MDG
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Hardcore League
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MDG Enters iClans Hardcore League!

MDG is looking to expand is undefeated reach to the Battlefield e-Sports scene, joining Hardcore league. Our first battle in HL showed us facing off against SWAT (Strike Team 6) and coming away with hard fought victory.

MDG's next battle is slated for May 27th against WPO (Wolf Pack Operations) in a 20v20 conquest battle to the end. Check out our events page for all details!

See us continue our undefeated streak on

MDG Match Count:
Wins: 5
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March Madness
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Belly is MDG and his Paladin Platoon continue to be UNDEFEATED in all things Battlefield 1! Congratulations, time for more challenges!

If you're interested in challenging Belly and the boys to some skull crushing BF1 or R6 March Madness, send a message onto myself, Belly or Badger is MDG to get it sorted! We accept all challenges.

This month MDG has expanded it's competitive "Battle" roster into the Rainbow 6 territory, with a CADIN PLATOON! Cadin is lead by our mate Belly is MDG with Clune is MDG as Msgt. These boys have 1 full squad and already pullin' in another. Our reach is now in Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, Rainbow 6 and COD IW/BO3. If you're a competitive player in any of these games, application button is right up top under Recruitment. Dare to be the best?

Since our Xbox One Launch this year we've added 60+ members to our competitive rosters, not to mention our battlers who stuck around the 360 to Battle it out in Call of Duty!

MDG WIDE OPEN CALL MEETING FOR ALL MEMBERS. Keep your eyes peeled on that calendar bys' cuz we are meeting this week for all sorts of knowledge flow!

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