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CoSMac is MDG
14th May · Last

CoSMac is MDG
10th May · Last
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14th Jun CoSMac is MDG with MDGRoman
Welcome to the team! Make sure to register on Discord ... Y to be eligible to compete!
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13th Jun CoSMac is MDG
All BF1 MDG members, please register on the Hardcore League website ( and then apply for MDG team at this link: http://www.hardcoreleague ... .co/team/39
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16th Jun CoSMac is MDG with SLGALAXY IS MDG
Welcome to the team! Great to have you! Add Ditto is MDG to xbox, he's our main COD guy and can get you rollin' and playin'!
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14th Jun CoSMac is MDG
Some website features under construction
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13th Jun MDGApolloSTL28
Anyone having difficulty signing up on for MDG? My account has been accepted but everytime I login it tells me that my account is pending approval put the status bar on the right hand side is showing that I am online.
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4th Jun MDGApolloSTL28
When you make the Paladin Team!!!(Get Ready):


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9th Jun CoSMac is MDG
Those wanting to play in our matches this weekend, make sure you click Attend on the match in the events calendar on the right! Get in touch with you SL to know what in-game squad you'll be running with!
8th Jun COOBelly is MDG with MDGJackxCooper
soft lad! get up on discord now. click the last hotbar tab
5th Jun MDGApolloSTL28 commented on the event MDG vs D12 16v16 CORE Conquest
Will be visiting STL this weekend. Will not be back in town till the evening on...
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1st Jun MDGWink is MDG
Great game today lads!! Our communication is top notch.
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