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Welcome to Modern Day Gaming!

Our objective is to create a fun and enjoyable gaming environment for all members of the community. Through COMMUNICATION, CONSISTENCY and COHESION, we strive to provide the best possible gaming experience for everyone, including non-MDG community members. 

MDG is a Social community that welcomes everyone. MDG also operates a competitive team, an RB6 and BF1 Core/Hardcore Conquest team (12v12+) and a Domination team. We are always recruiting for our competitive team, and run tryouts consistently throughout the week. Those interested in trying out for our competitive team, please message MAC IS MDG, or apply to join MDG. 

All members of MDG should join our Discord, and all new or aspiring members should too! That's where you're going to get the chance to introduce yourself and get to know the community!

MDG's competitive teams are always looking for a good challenge, if you want to challenge us to a match, submit a match request or contact MAC is MDG or Badger is MDG!

Follow us on Twiter: @_WeAreMDG  
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7th Aug MDGKingAndrade91 commented on the event 2017 Invitationals - 12v12 - Conquest
Count me in! Let's do this!
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11th Aug CoSMac is MDG with MDGXGN1NCOUTLAW95
Welcome to the community! Join us on our Discord chat to stay up to date on all happenings in the community, as well as meet fellow social and competitive members! Great to have you!
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10th Aug MDGDteqt
Howdy all its Ditto, the Extremely Quiet Terrorist! How's everyone doing? My mic is messed up(airplane buzzing) but I'm ready to game just hit me up GT Dteqt. I play cod black ops 2&3 and GTA and a few others.

We are cuz you IS!!!
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11th Aug CoSMac is MDG with MDGStig
Welcome [back] to MDG! Join up on our discord (in the menu bar) so you don't miss out on any important information, and to meet the rest of the team! We do not currently have a competitive team in the games you've listed, however, if you are interested in competitive gameplay, feel free to chat with Badger and I about the potential of getting something going.

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14th Aug MDGKingAndrade91 commented on the event MDG vs Enjoi - 12v12
Panda mine says the same thing. So just to be clear it will be on the time poste...
14th Aug MDGDeadlyPanda007 commented on the event MDG vs Enjoi - 12v12
So just a silly question is the time listed at the top the time zone time for ea...
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8th Aug MDGApolloSTL28
Paladin - Practice 6:00 CST Wednesday DO NOT FORGET!!!! pew pew pew
6th Aug CoSMac is MDG
Please click "attend" on the 2017 Invitationals event if you are able to attend. Begins at noon on August 19th.
3rd Aug MDGKingAndrade91
Armed and ready to go! Let's go MDG!
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4th Aug MDGKingAndrade91
Yes! Application accepted for hardcore!
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