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Our objective is to create a fun and enjoyable gaming environment for all members of the community. Through COMMUNICATION, CONSISTENCY and COHESION, we strive to provide the best possible gaming experience for everyone, including non-MDG community members. No matter your rank, nor how long you've been apart of the community. 

Feel free to Register for our website, post in our forums, fill out an application under "Recruitment" if you're looking to join this wicked community. Go join our Xbox Live clubs: Battlefield Players Club and Modern Day Gaming, links on the right!

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March Madness
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Belly is MDG and his Paladin Platoon continue to be UNDEFEATED in all things Battlefield 1! Congratulations, time for more challenges!

If you're interested in challenging Belly and the boys to some skull crushing BF1 or R6 March Madness, send a message onto myself, Belly or Badger is MDG to get it sorted! We accept all challenges.

This month MDG has expanded it's competitive "Battle" roster into the Rainbow 6 territory, with a CADIN PLATOON! Cadin is lead by our mate Belly is MDG with Clune is MDG as Msgt. These boys have 1 full squad and already pullin' in another. Our reach is now in Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, Rainbow 6 and COD IW/BO3. If you're a competitive player in any of these games, application button is right up top under Recruitment. Dare to be the best?

Since our Xbox One Launch this year we've added 60+ members to our competitive rosters, not to mention our battlers who stuck around the 360 to Battle it out in Call of Duty!

MDG WIDE OPEN CALL MEETING FOR ALL MEMBERS. Keep your eyes peeled on that calendar bys' cuz we are meeting this week for all sorts of knowledge flow!

MDG Scrim and More!
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Congrats to Belly is MDG's Paladin Platoon for bringing home a "W" in their friendly scrim against Lost Battalion last Sunday! They won the best-of-3 series by winning the first round 1000 - 698 on Amiens and then winning the second round 1000 - 816 on St. Quentins. The match was live streaming on Twitch account BADGERisMDG and it was awesome to see MDG's successful first steps into the XB1 world!

For those of you interested in competitive gaming, message Belly is MDG for tryouts onto Paladin! OR if you're just interested in MDG toss up an application to one of our two membership types in Recruitment. We're awesome, I promise. 

We are growing a very solid roster in our Battlefield 1 Platoon - Paladin, but that's not all we offer here. From the MDG perspective, we are a MULTI-game community, we support it all folks, whatever your fancy. Our forums are built out to allow massive, awesome social conversation from all walks of the earth, we have a solid admin and officer team who keep our two XBL Clubs running better than any other clubs out there, and we foster an environment that supports the social gamer and the gotta-win attitude of the competitive gamer. BUT...it's not all about Battlefield and Call of Duty! Which by the way, we have a rocking Call of Duty Squad (Reyes) in our Apostle Platoon, for those so inclined. 

So how DO we support a multi-game community? Like said, just look at our forums, for one. For two, the social membership into MDG that we offer means no matter what your game, be that ARK, Tom Clancy, or ZOMBIE games, there's a place for you, and you and you.... We built and continue to build a community that gives everyone a place to play their favourite games with other crazy gamers. What's the fun in playing alone? No seriously, i'm asking you....What's the fun in playing if you can't share your insane zombie head slashing, scull crushing clips with people who are actually going to appreciate them? 

Our current members are all working hard to build this community into something that is a force to be reckoned with, and they're doing a hell of a job! But what's a community without community members? So to all MDG, get out there, spread the word! To all non-MDG members, well damn, go post in the forums, go play your Zombie or Minecraft or Fifa games! Bring your friends, or meet new one's here, either way, you're in good company now. 


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first of all we have got to recognize all the hard work that was put in by MAC IS MDG for getn this set up for us. Also a big hearty shout out goes to MEOWYMEOWERSON for the great friggn header that completely encompasses the Modern Day Gaming core values...family.

we have come a long way in 5 years, gang. we have seen things hit low points and watched as people left after being around for a short time. i can safely say that the high points are far more prominent in our history thus far. and im damn proud to be able to say that.
we have obviously established a new chain of command to embrace this move completely to the XB1

its very important that you read and understand the by-laws, the code of conduct, and the community structure.
i cant stand here and say that no one is more excited than i, to watch this community launch itself into the stratosphere. that would be a lie. there are so many avid supporters that have worked together to bring this XB1 launch to its fruition:





and even 

buckle up ya mangy varmints, we are just getn started!

as always..get out there, be heard, and have some fun!!


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