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Welcome to Modern Day Gaming!

MDG is a social community that welcomes everyone, from every game, whether a newbie or a pro-gamer, we offer the infrastructure to support anyone, for anything. We have a large scale infrastructure supporting gamers around the world wanting to be involved in an organization that will support them in all their gaming endeavours, from social lobbies, community events, competitive and elite gaming teams, content creation and stream teams. Whatever you're looking for, you can find it here. 

Our mission is to create a fun and enjoyable environment for all members and non-members of the community. We strive to provide the best possible gaming experience and atmosphere for any and all gamers who value being apart of a larger organization.

Our vision is to become a staple in the gaming community for our dedication to providing the best possible experience and atmosphere for ever gamer.

The 3 C's - Communication, Consistency and Cohesion.  

MDG's competitive teams are always looking for a good challenge, if you want to challenge us to a match, submit a match request or contact MAC is MDG or Badger is MDG!

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I’ve missed so much.
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11th Sep MDGTh3 R4ggedy M4n

If anyone has the game and wants to shoot some faces together, add me on XBL and lets get shooting. I also have created a "clan" just add me and we will get you added to the roster! Please guys, come join up!
11th Sep MDGKingAndrade91
I will buy cod when it comes out. But only if you guys buy it too
10th Sep MDGTh3 R4ggedy M4n
Guys I'm looking to expand my friends list and get neck deep in the trenches with you guys and gals. Let's get MDG on top of the leaderboards and in every conversation on xbl!
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8th Sep MDGVisileMercury
Can join event
10th Sep MDGTh3 R4ggedy M4n
Alright guys and gals, you might not know me, but how about a show of hands for who is planning on getting Call of Duty WWII?
Comment below and send a FRIEND REQUEST to me please and thank you!
6th Sep
We've reached a record number of members, currently: 200
6th Sep MDGApolloSTL28 commented on the event MDG vs N8TINz - 12v12 Conquest
Is this 5 CST or 6 CST? Is this game still on?
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1st Sep Paladin [BF1] has created an Open Team Challenge: Test
4:30 PM Sat 9th Sep - 6:30 PM Sat 9th Sep (GMT/UTC )
Clan Name: Test
Proposed Date of Challenge: Test
Is this date negotiable? : No
What team are you challenging?: Paladin [BF1]
Game Mode?: Rush
How many players?: 12v12
Core or Hardcore: Hardcore
Who should we contact?: test
Best method of contact?: test
Additional Information: test

11th Aug CoSMac is MDG with MDGStig
Welcome [back] to MDG! Join up on our discord (in the menu bar) so you don't miss out on any important information, and to meet the rest of the team! We do not currently have a competitive team in the games you've listed, however, if you are interested in competitive gameplay, feel free to chat with Badger and I about the potential of getting something going.

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